International Law New York

Legal systems in the United States and abroad impact how companies conduct domestic and international business both internally and with each other, no matter the jurisdiction. International law is defined as the collection of treaties and agreements governing the interaction of international business transactions. Our New York international law practice focuses on integrating local and foreign regulations into business strategy.

International Law Firm New York

The goal is to assist clients based outside of the United States in “domesticating” American regulations, and help those within the U.S. to comply with foreign requirements. We work collaboratively with a global network at our international law firm to assist New York clients in understanding how domestic and international issues converge. Our previous work includes advising clients in the following areas of international law:

  • International business agreements
  • International business litigation
  • International business mediation and arbitration
  • Domestic and international compliance for business operation
  • Domestic and international certification, filing and registration
  • Domestic and international drafting of guidelines, policies and procedures

Our well-connected international law New York team functions as translators that ensure finished deals in a timely manner, and work to resolve any disputes across nations. Managing director and firm founder Javier Markowicz, Esq. carefully selects only the finest independent attorneys and advisors in New York and other major U.S. cities, as well as those in Asia and Latin America. Additional areas we specialize in include customs, trade and import laws, capital markets and private equity, business litigation, commercial disputes, business immigration law, internet and e-commerce law, business advisory, and patents, trademarks and copyrights. Contact our experienced, knowledgeable international law team in New York today to learn more about the customized, highly-detailed service you can expect from us. Find out what separates us from competitors and makes us the best choice in New York—we provide the cost-effective, professional alternative to the corporate international law firm.