Customs, trade and import regulations

Whether your company is a domestic or international one importing goods and products into the United States, you have to deal with the complexities of customs, import and trade regulations. Several U.S. federal agencies regulate the importation of products, including the FDA, EPA and FTC, and their requirements change every year with the passage of new regulations and amendments to old ones.

If your products are not in compliance with current regulations, they will not be allowed into the country. It is important to make certain that your company ensures your products and goods comply with the regulations in place. In the event U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement determines there is a violation, they will place a detention on the product which can greatly harm your bottom line.

In the event of a detention, your company may be able to submit documentation and testing results in order to remove the violation. Detention litigation may be needed in order to continue in your import business. Regulations control all aspects of the importation of goods, including how products are labeled, how goods or products are manufactured and the tariffs that are imposed. By careful planning, your business will be better equipped for successful completion of the customs process.

International Law Firm New York

Our attorneys are practiced in helping our domestic and foreign business clients navigate the complex requirements of the regulating agencies controlling the importation of goods. We help companies make certain they are in compliance and continue to remain in compliance even when the laws and regulations change. In the event of a detention, we understand what it takes to present evidence in order to get a favorable result. If your company would like additional information, you may contact our law firm in New York.